Hey! My name is Jesse Price and I’m from Nambour Christian College, Sunshine Coast.

Isaiah 66:9
"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born, says the Lord."

If God is always there, then why don’t we act like it?

God is always there but we rarely call on Him for guidance. When our life is going well our relationship with God begins to diminish. However, when we need Him the most that's when our relationship with God begins to strengthen. No wonder we struggle with our faith, it’s because we don’t use it enough. The more something is used or trained the stronger it becomes. The same is with our faith, if we want our faith to grow in God we need to apply it to our everyday lives and not when it suits us best. Isaiah 66:9 is stating that God’s will, has a reason and we need to strengthen our faith in order to better understand His decision.

When I was 16 I lost my job for no reason. I later found a job that was right around the corner from my house and was than the last one. About 8 months later my old job went into liquidation and I would’ve lost my job when I needed it the most. At the time of losing my job, I saw it as a negative. However, God had a better plan and knew what was going to happen. He closed the doors that needed to be closed and opened the doors that needed to be opened.

All I needed was a little bit of faith and God figured out the rest. Just as Isaiah 66:9 says everything that God allows in your life is not without reason. We just need to faith that things will work out. If we continue to grow and strengthen our faith through the good and the bad times how we see things will dramatically change.

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for everything you have done for me. Constantly showing your love for me. Each and every day I pray that we all continue to have limitless faith in you and trust you when we don’t want. Help us to better understand your reasoning and see the positives and not the negatives. We thank You for you have done and continue to do. Amen.

Written by Jesse Price, Nambour Christian College, Nambour Christian College.

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