Everyday you spend about 6 hours at school— that’s a lot of time! It’s more time than you’ll spend anywhere in your life until you finish year 12. School can be a good place, a place full of laughs and friendship but if we’re honest, it’s not always that way. School can also be a place where loneliness is the norm, where bullying is rampant and where people we love lead lives without hope.

What if there was a cure for the loneliness? An answer to the bullying? And hope for those who have none? We can see the problems, but can we see the solution? Jesus said in the book of Luke that “the kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21 KJV). If God’s kingdom is inside of you, the solution is inside of you too! You are reading this right now because you are God’s solution, called and set a part by God to start a revolution in your school that will leave it changed forever. 

This website might just look like a few nice steps on the surface but if you look a little deeper it is much more. This is a play-book, written by the ones who have gone before, pieced together by the trailblazers who have learnt the hard way about how to shake a school for Jesus.

This is more than just a catch-phrase, this is a movement, where different people, from different churches, in different schools, across the nation. A revolution that starts with people united in heart joining together for a cause greater than themselves, the cause of Jesus Christ!

This is your moment, this is your time, this is your SCHOOL REVOLUTION.